The Bus Journey Begins…

The Bus Journey Begins…

Our bus journey began as a fleeting idea as we planned our trip out to the East Coast for a family wedding. Since we live in Colorado together, and Erin’s family is all on the East, we wanted to spend a good chunk of time out there catching up with friends and family and taking in the fall foliage! When figuring out a way to get back to Colorado, we had a moment of “What if……?” and then we committed to the long dreamed about idea of buying a van or bus, converting it, working in it, and driving it back home for future adventures. 

Bus Lifers

The summer had just ended, Erin had just left her job managing a hostel in Colorado Springs, and our house was running itself on Airbnb, so the timing was perfect. Joel’s remote work in the tech industry was even flexible enough to allow for him to work on the road, so we began our search for the perfect vehicle! 

The goal for this blog is to share our experience with finding a school bus, converting a school bus, and working from the road. Although we’re not entirely new to travel, this will be a definite learning opportunity and we’d love any advice and help from the skoolie community! 


Happy Travels! 

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